Matthew Tucker


Matt is passionate about human hearts. He has spent his life dedicated to “leaving hearts in better shape than he found them”. Matt has served as a pastor for 13 years, a Police and Fire Chaplain for 10 years, and has served in Senior Management for both non-profit and for-profit businesses for the past 8 years. Matt’s ability to teach and explain ideas in a way that affect both the head and the heart, has impacted organizations and individuals across the US and the world. Matt’s greatest joy and deepest affection is his family. His wife Candice, and 3 sons, Timothy, Trace, and Agezu, are his greatest treasure. If Matt is not in the office, he is likely in a duck blind watching the skies for the next group of mallards to swing into his decoys.

Jeremy Morris


Jeremy possesses that unique ability to make everyone he meets feel like he is their best friend. He has spent a lifetime amassing friendships that lasts and making each of those who are lucky enough to know him, feel loved and cherished. Jeremy is also the definition of an entrepreneur. Not only has he (and his business partner Mike) successfully founded and grown a thriving service company in one of the toughest markets in the marketplace, but he has a unique ability to make dreams a reality. No one has ever accused Jeremy of “not thinking big enough!” Jeremy’s ability to dream God-sized dreams and see those dreams become concrete, effective systems, is unparalleled. Jeremy is blessed to be married to his best friend Mary. They have 3 amazing sons, Layton, Grady, and Bronson. If Jeremy is not in the office, he is likely working cattle, helping his wife on their ranch, or meeting one of those friends who need his advice.

Mike “Doc” Evenson


Mike is every man’s pastor, marked by his gifting for “pulling the gold out of people.” His passion is seeing hearts delivered from heartbreak to wholeness. He and his wife spend countless hours ministering to the brokenhearted and discouraged. Mike lives out his commitment to prayer and seeing God glorified in every context of his life. Mike brings his experience in both business and ministry together to offer the kind of wisdom that people cherish, and then write it down so they don’t forget it. Mike is a rare combination of analytical mind and passionate heart. He is married to his ministry partner and beautiful wife, Wendy and they are blessed to have a beautiful daughter, Amelia. If Mike is not in the office, he is likely at the coffee shop pouring his heart into a brother in need, or taking his daughter on a daddy-daughter date.

Todd Pierce


Todd is the only Wild Courage Team Member that needs no introduction. Todd has spent his life around livestock….most of them wild. Todd had a successful bareback riding career spanning 6 years on the PRCA and served as a chaplain on the PBR for an additional 15 years. It was during his tenure as a chaplain that God began to reveal a greater vision for his life and ministry. Combining his passion for teaching kingdom truth through the art of training horses, Riding High Ministries was born. Todd and his RHM team travel around the country and world demonstrating the reality of a Heavenly Father who pursues our hearts by building trust and compassion. Todd is a defender and pursuer of hearts. He is an example of the kind of man, husband and father, all of us seek to be. Todd is married to his bride Leslie and has 3 mighty men that call him Dad, Colton (and his wife Abigail), Tanner, and Holden. If Todd is not in the office, rest assured, he is on a horse or pouring into his family.

Rob Wiley


Robb Wiley is what every man wants to be when they grow up. Robb is uniquely built and hardwired for a life in the mountains and for leading and protecting others in the wild places that Robb calls home. He has been a professional big game guide and outfitter for over 28 years. He possesses a vast knowledge of both the livestock he depends on to get him, his clients and friends into the mountains, as well as the animals he pursues. Robb is a man of tremendous passion…just spend 5 minutes with him and tell me if you don’t believe you could go fight an army with your bare hands (…as long as Robb is with you). Robb is also passionate about the heart of men, especially the 18-year-old version of Robb. His life’s passion has become seeking out and mentoring young men who need to understand how to bridle their strength and passion to use it for kingdom purposes. Robb is married to his incredible wife Brenda and they are raising 2 beautiful daughters, Aspen and Autumn. If Robb is not in the office, well, we know he is on the mountain.



We all have a story. A time when the proverbial “wheels came off” of our lives. We have each had to decide if our life is worth rebuilding, fighting for, and piecing back together. The thing is, our God is in the business of writing comeback stories. He is the ultimate redeemer of lives and broken things. He is both restorer and hope giver.  

Each of us has a story, and the world needs to hear it. In the midst of pain and fear, we need hope. Hope comes from hearing. And how can they hear, if we don’t speak? 

Wild Courage exists to galvanize a generation of men, with the tools and courage to fight for what matters most…and to tell the stories that are born in the redemption of lives and souls.




Hope is found through stories of both brokenness and redemption.


Humility is the door to authentic relationships.


Hope comes from hearing.


Without the Redeemer there is no redemption.


Honoring each other above self.




Nothing is off limits in our very real, and very raw conversations about life and the courageous pursuit of hope.

Become a Host

We are looking for leaders for Coram Deo Nights! Men who are passionate about redemption and authentic relationships.


You simply cannot replicate or manufacture what happens when we come together, in wild places, and with humble hearts.