Monthly Coram Deo

Coram Deo Nights is the heartbeat of Wild Courage. Coram Deo, literally means, coming together in the Spirit of God, under the authority of God, for the glory of God. Once a month, we are calling men together to gather around a campfire and learn again how to be real and vulnerable with one another. This is NOT an accountability group. This night is about discovering the power of removing the veneer that most of us hide behind, and sharing real issues and challenges, and then inviting Jesus to touch those areas of our lives, as our brothers pray for and encourage us. It takes tremendous courage to share the vulnerable areas of our lives, but when we do, we move them from darkness to Light. Coram Deo Nights simply provides the context for men to pursue healing and authenticity as we come together to fight for what we believe all men are longing for…true connection and the redemption that only Jesus can provide.

If you feel disconnected, alone, or weary of living without purpose, come and join us for an evening that we are confident will change your life. This is real connection…this is real hope..this is real life. This is Coram Deo.

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